Crying Carp card (pack of four, same or mixed)

  • Crying Carp card (pack of four, same or mixed)
  • Crying Carp card (pack of four, same or mixed)

Now available as greeting cards, the matchbox series considers wildlife and its interactions within ecosystems. There are individual blurbs on the back of each card which explain the story behind the artwork.

Select four of the same or a mixture of all four matchbox cards

5 x 7" greetings card (blank inside) made from recycled card. Supplied with envelope.


Due to the continuing facepalm that is Brexit, all goods imported to the EU are now subject to new VAT regulations.

After the Brexit transition arrangement ended on June 30th 2021 the VAT exemption for the importation of goods to the EU not exceeding €22 has been removed. This means that for goods shipped to EU countries there is a chance that the courier/postal delivery service will charge you a "handling" fee and VAT before they hand the parcel over to you.

I don't want this to be a nasty surprise to anyone who has the mind to kindly invest in a piece of my work so please be aware of this potential extra charge when ordering.

It's rumoured that BigCartel are looking into a way to automate the collection and payment of VAT, but until they implement this I'm trying to warn folks about the potential for this charge to be levied at the point of delivery.

I'm sorry and I'd like to assure you that I didn't vote for Brexit.