TEJ paper Prakrtika (worldwide shipping included)

  • TEJ paper Prakrtika (worldwide shipping included)
  • TEJ paper Prakrtika (worldwide shipping included)

This is a direct sale on behalf of TEJ paper, to read more about how it works please read the information at the bottom of the page.

Prakrtika is an artist grade paper handmade by the Sitaula family in Jhapa, Nepal.
It is ideal for printmaking, calligraphy and fine art. Gesso can be applied to the surface to make it paint-ready too.

It's made using methods which have hardly changed for thousands of years using two local fibres called Sethbarau (Nepali Kozo) and Argeli (Mitsumata) which grow in the wild and is harvested in the foothills and the highest altitudes of the Himalayas. These fibres are completely sustainable. Unlike lower quality papers from Nepal, Prakrtika contains no fillers such as grasses or wood pulps.

Sethbarau or Nepali Kozo is an exceptionally strong fibre. Mitusmata is wonderfully soft and absorbent. When combined in the Prakrtika 50/50 mix it creates something quite special.

Because of the various processes involved this paper can only be made during a small
window of time meaning that production and availability is very limited.
All TEJ paper is handmade and so there is no grain direction. It is also acid-free. It can be used with western inks and bookbinding glues.

Usage - printmaking, drawing, bookbinding, box covering, decoupage, collage, lamp

SIZE 720 x 560 mm, 28 x 22 inches (approximately)
WEIGHT 70 gsm (approx) Feels like 100/120gsm text weight

Note that the differences in the characteristics between western and eastern papermaking fibres means that gsm weight isn't directly comparable in terms of how heavy or thick the paper feels.

How do direct sales work?

When I receive an order I forward your delivery details to the mill who will make your order ready. The papers are packed flat in a wooden parcel to protect the papers during transit. Once a week the packages are sent to a courier firm called Speedex located in Kathmandu.

Speedex send the paper on to Dubai where it is handed over to one of the big name couriers;FedEx or DHL and from there it is sent directly to you. Once it's in Dubai delivery takes about a week to 10 days to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Speedex are yet to embrace live tracking technology (but they're working on it right now so this will change very soon) and so whilst tracking info is provided please be aware that it can be very limited and often isn't updated for some time and in some cases not until it's been delivered! We ask for your patience.


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