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Fun fact: the UK is 90% self sufficient in pea production, so we'll probably be just fine once Brexit hits us, we can just eat all the peas! No trade deals for us thank you, we're just going to work our way through all these peas, yum.

This is a print made from a repeat block, so in fact the right side perfectly tessellates with the left side, and the top with the bottom (see last pic). Magic! A repeat pattern can of course be made upon request, just drop me a line.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 in pea green ink on Japanese masa paper (acid free) and measuring roughly 25.5 x 34cm with deckle edges.


Due to the continuing facepalm that is Brexit, all goods imported to the EU are now subject to new VAT regulations.

After the Brexit transition arrangement ended on June 30th 2021 the VAT exemption for the importation of goods to the EU not exceeding €22 has been removed. This means that for goods shipped to EU countries there is a chance that the courier/postal delivery service will charge you a "handling" fee and VAT before they hand the parcel over to you.

I don't want this to be a nasty surprise to anyone who has the mind to kindly invest in a piece of my work so please be aware of this potential extra charge when ordering.

It's rumoured that BigCartel are looking into a way to automate the collection and payment of VAT, but until they implement this I'm trying to warn folks about the potential for this charge to be levied at the point of delivery.

I'm sorry and I'd like to assure you that I didn't vote for Brexit.

UK delivery is sent Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For(1-2 days delivery after posting) and international deliveries are sent Royal Mail Tracked (5-7 days after posting). The delivery times are estimates based on the Royal Mail's website and are currently being affected by Covid-19.


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